Alexandra Road Team 2022

The 2022 Alexandra Road bowls team who, despite being strapped for players, finished a very creditable third place in the

March & District Bowls League.

Perry Hall – Singles winner
Perry Hall & Marilyn Hawkins – Doubles winners
Allan Clarke, Jason Weedon &
Ken Jones – Triples winners
Kurgon & Candy Mayers
– Mixed doubles winners
Mick Clark, Rachel & John Dack –
March League Played 20, W 17, D 1, L 2.
Perry Hall – Plate winner
Neil Horswood
John Rowland
Allan Clarke
Fred Clark
Mick West
Perry Hall
Mick Clark
Ken Jones
Paul Carlile
Rachel Dack
David Hodgson
John Dack
Shelagh Jones
Dawn Clark
Marilyn Hawkins
Kurgon Mayers
Candy Mayers
Time for a measure
Beer time
Change ends
The Fans